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As of November 14th, 2010, I’ve moved my author blog to George Seaton – Author.

Recent updates on my new blog include the release of “The Cow and Other Colorado Tales,” from Untreed Reads.

My Work in Progress, “Finding Deaglan.”

And, the upcoming releases of my Christmas-themed shorts, “Just for Christmas,” and “Another Fine Christmas,” from Untreed Reads.


“Drogan’s Things” in the February Issue of Nossa Morte

nossa-morte-february-2009My little story, “Drogan’s Things,” is included in the February issue of Nossa Morte.

Esprit de Corps – Gays in the Military

mlr-edc-coverMy yet to be named novella will hopefully be published by MLR Press next month in May June? July? August? September? October?  Hell if I know! (HOOAH! The anthology is at the printers, as of mid-October!)  This anthology specifically address gays in uniform, their honorable service, their devotion to Country. MLR publishes well-written erotica. So, amidst the trappings of uniforms, war and the deadly paraphernalia of the American military, there will also be explicit depictions of men loving men, soldiers who, in spite of the American military’s institutionalized discrimination against gay men and lesbian women, somehow find their way, their loving way, through the morass of it all.