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Nossa Morte

An Honorable Mention for “Big Diehl”

My short, “Big Diehl,” received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year (Vol. 1, Night Shade publications). First time I’ve received an honorable anything from anybody with regard to my writing. The short appeared in the November 2008 edition of the ezine,  Nossa Morte is and continues to be a quality ezine, picky about what they publish. They’re a PAYING market besides.

May bask in this little achievement for a while…white wine, a few puffs on a cigar.

NOTE: The short, “Big Diehl,” that appeared in Nossa Mortre, provided the basis for the character, Big Diehl, who appears in a novella over at MLR Press. The novella and the short share the same title and main character, but are distinctly different in content.


The Cow – Nossa Morte

Nossa Morte August, 2009My short story, “The Cow,” is included in the August edition of Nossa Morte.  This is the third time the good folks at Nossa Morte have picked-up one of my shorts.  They have been very kind.

“The Cow,” is one of my favorites. Perhaps because it’s about the land, the critters–horses, cows (one cow, in particular), and men who live off the land and rarely question the caprice of seasons, or the flow of a dry cloud against the persistent rush of the forever wind.


Nossa Morte – Ezine Publication – “Big Diehl”

nossa-morte-big-diehlThe November issue of Nossa Morte includes my short story, “Big Diehl.” “Nossa Morte” accepts “dark” stories, dealing with the human condition, the not so human condition…all in a dark setting. Not that I necessarily believe “Big Diehl” is particularly “dark,” but I am pleased to have been a part of their November issue.